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  • Light Niagara


    Light Niagara

    – 50 oz

    – Light to Moderate Traffic

    Light Niagara Description

    Light Niagara is an ideal synthetic grass for a price conservative budget. Great for light moderate traffic with a nice field green color. Brown thatch is implemented in this turf to give it a very natural look. It is hard to tell the difference between real and fake grass with this grade of turf.

    Recommended Use:

    Light to Moderate Traffic

    Main Application: Landscape

    Colors: Field Green, Lime Green

    Turf Characteristics

    • Pile/Face Weight: 50 oz
    • Pile Height: 1.5
    • Machine Gauge: 1/2 inch
    • Thatch Color: Brown

    Manufactured Rolls

    • Width: 15 feet
    • Length: 100 feet
    • Shipping Weight: 710 lbs
    • Roll Diameter: 24 inches

    Particulate Infill

    • Type: Quality Infill
    • Weight: 1.5-2 lbs per square feet
    • Height: Approx. 1 inch – 1 ¼ inch
    • Color: Green, Black, Neutral

    Product Description:

    A 1.5 inch pile, infill polyethylene mono-filament with thatch construction. Designed specifically for landscape application to enhance recovery.

    Recommended Maintenance:

    • Rinse and groom as needed to limit matting

    Drainage rate: 28 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

    Main Advantage:

    • Designed to truly replicate grass
    • 1.5 inch blade height to achieve a natural appearance
    • Uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing provides greater seam strength and durability / not water soluble
    • Heat and frost resistant, UV stabilized
    • No harmful environmental effects
    • Non-flammable, ant-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack

    Yarn Characteristics

    • Type: Monofilament
    • Composition/Structure: PE with thatch
    • Denier: 11,000/4,400
    • Color: Field Green, Lime Green

    Backing Characteristics Primary Backing 1

    • Composition/Structure: 13 Pic
    • Weight: 3.5 oz per square yard

    Finish Coating

    • Coating: Polyurethane 20 oz per square yard

    Light Niagara Total Product Weight = Approximately 77 oz per square yard