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    Turfinet only uses the best types of artificial turf on the market to make sure your artificial grass project withstands the test of time leaving you happy without any worry of fading, upgrading, replacing, or damaging with use. We supply a wide range of artificial turf from light traffic to heavy traffic, several putting grades, turf for arenas and sports, commercial and residential.

    All Turfinet Turfs are pet safe! Why Types of Artificial Turf?

    Turfinet’s artificial turf is tested and guaranteed to be free of harmful elements such as lead and mercury leaving it safe for pets and humans as well. We want to ensure that our turf is 100% safe and easy to use for yourself and your family.

    Our synthetic turf blades are UV protected, so that the sun will not damage the color of the vibrant ever-lasting green turf thus ensuring that it stands the tests of time and mother nature.

    Why not simplify life, and replace your natural grass with a synthetic turf material that pets love, is free from grass related allergies, and harmful chemicals and fertilizers? Why not save on your water bill and rid yourself from the hassle of having to set expensive sprinkler and watering systems?

    We have carefully created a list of different types of artificial turf

    We are excited to share how our artificial turf will benefit your home. We have many types of synthetic grass to choose from and have categorized them by use and traffic to help you choose the grade of artificial grass that best meets your needs. Feeling overwhelmed? Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have!

    Residential Artificial Grass
    We have the best most natural looking artificial turfs available for any residential application. All of our artificial turfs are UV protected and look and feel just like natural grass. As a consumer you can feel completely confident in working with us and any of our artificial turf varieties below can instantly green up your landscape. We have categorized our artificial turfs from Light, Medium, to Heavy Traffic so that you can pick the perfect variety for your residential landscape.
    Light Traffic Synthetic Grass
    We have some fantastic varieties of artificial turf available for those areas in a landscape that simply do not get a lot of foot traffic. Using one of our “light traffic” turfs will enable you to save money and still enjoy the beautiful green aesthetic that our artificial turf provides. Our “light traffic” turfs range between 34oz. to 50oz. blade density and provide an ideal natural grass look for an affordable price.

    Medium Traffic Synthetic Grass

    Our medium traffic artificial grass can be used in a wide variety of residential applications. Our medium traffic turf is exceptionally high quality and has terrific blade density value for its price. Perfect for any front or backyard that is looking for a fantastic synthetic grass for an affordable price. Use any of these varieties in any area where natural grass could be used, and enjoy the beauty, and long term cost and time savings that will follow.
    Natural Virtue 60 oz.

    Heavy Traffic Artificial Grass

    Our “Heavy Traffic” artificial grass is intended for any area where a lot of foot or animal traffic is intended. We use our highest blade density available to ensure that your synthetic grass will last longer in areas of your landscape that will get a lot of use. Perfect for children and pet use while very natural looking and soft just like real grass. Our “Heavy Traffic” line of artificial turf is the highest quality on the market, exceeding 80oz blade density, ensuring that your artificial grass lasts as long as possible.

    Commercial Turf

    Artificial turf is growing exponentially more popular for commercial areas that need to be “greened up” while reducing maintenance costs. Artificial Turf is great for parks, medians, and urban areas due to the tremendous savings in water use and maintenance. Some commercial areas have more foot traffic than others, so selecting the right type of artificial grass is an important decision. Median areas for example may not ever get much foot traffic so it is perfectly fine to select one of our artificial turfs with a lower turf blade density value and save money. Other areas that have higher foot traffic might require an increased turf blade density. We have other synthetic grass varieties that may be used for commercial applications available, but these are our two most popular synthetic grasses for commercial uses:

    Sports Turf

    Turfinet is proud to have artificial turf that is designed specifically for sporting applications. We have the most realistic durable synthetic turf on the market and we are proud to have many satisfied customers that are enjoying our artificial grass on a regular basis. Our sports line of artificial turf is very durable and is great for many sports such as football, baseball, soccer, tennis courts and more.

    Golf and Putting Greens

    Adding a golf area with customized putting greens is the perfect creative solution for golf enthusiasts and those simply looking to add functionality to any outdoor area. With many years of fine-tuning and experience behind us we simply provide the most up to date cutting edge solutions in putting greens and artificial turf. Whether you are a golf professional or simply enjoy playing games with the family, our artificial putting greens offer an exceptional experience.
    Radiance 48 oz.

    Artificial Grass for Pets

    Turfinet’s pet turf has been specially engineered for pets allowing for a complete enjoyable experience for your pets and your family. All of our synthetic grass is designed to resist pet odors and to be maintenance friendly. Our synthetic grass contains no Nylon, which has been proven to absorb pet odors over time. We genuinely understand how important pets are to us all, and we have made it our mission to provide the most premium artificial turf available for our clients.
    Please do not feel that you have to choose the turf all on your own. Contact us and and we will be happy to set up a free consultation with you. We analyze your project and suggest the synthetic grass that is best for your needs. Leave the hard work to us and the enjoyment and relaxation of little to no lawn care to you.
    Please Note: Turfinet’s services and products are used to supply and install premium synthetic grass for all residential and commercial applications.


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