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    Synthetic Turf

    Synthetic turf is the best way to have gorgeous green turf all year long. Take the time to Request a Free Estimate  on the right hand side of your screen and we will be in touch with you right away regarding your synthetic turf project! Turfinet is proud to have the best products in artificial turf with the best team of installers. Because of  new technology and manufacturing techniques, Turfinet is able to install the most realistic natural looking synthetic turf in the market.

    Regular daily, weekly and monthly maintenance disappears once synthetic turf becomes a part of your outdoor landscape. There is no need fertilizers and pesticides you usually buy to keep up a natural lawn because Turfinet’s turf does not require these items to stay green. The expensive water bills are gone! This is because you do not need to water a Turfinet lawn. This type of turf is a natural looking substitute for turf that does away with all the problems associated to real turf. Please read below and learn the benefits of using Turfinet’s synthetic turf.

    Using Synthetic Turf

    Synthetic turf can be used for play areas, putting greens, dog runs, patios, or sporting fields and even door mats. It has many practical and convenient uses for most outdoor needs and activities. Our clients are amazed at how real and visually appealing Turfinet’s synthetic turf products are.

    Turfinet is an ideal solution for animal lovers and people with dogs. This is because there is little maintenance required. If your animal decides to use the turf as a bathroom, the turf will not turn yellow or die. Turfinet’s turf products is 100% polyethylene and are are excellent for pets because they resist pet odors and are very similar in texture to natural grass. Our clients find that once we install their synthetic turf their pets enjoy running, rolling, and doing all the normal things that pets do on natural grass. All pets love Turfinet’s turf because it gives them a place to enjoy a soft outdoor setting.

    Not only will your pets love synthetic turf your family will too. This is because our lawns are soft and are a great place to have fun and play games on, all without the grass stains that natural grass usually causes. Some children and adults have aquired allergies to natural grass, which is why families are switching to synthetic turf, this is because it is the perfect solution to grass allergies.  All in all families love all of the benefits of Turfinet’s grass, including saving money on water, the benefit of grass-stain-free from clothing, limiting grass allergies, and most importantly – saving precious time from maintenance. Time to sell the lawnmower and weed-eater Turfinet is a sure way to save time and money from maintenance!

    Why Turfinet’s Synthetic turf is the Best

    With new technology and better manufacturing techniques synthetic turf is now the preferred choice for many sporting fields including NFL and many soccer fields. This same technology can be used for your own customized sporting area. Treat your family to all the benefits that Turfinet’s lawns and  putting greens have to offer. Turfinet’s turf will be your best friend in the growing industry because of our ability to be sure you choose the best turf product possible for the type of lawn you desire. Please visit our different types of artificial turf page of our site and choose which type works best for you and your outdoor lawn.

    Turfinet’s turf is not only the pristine choice for your lawn it is also the best product for all of your personal golf and putting green needs. As you can see in Turfinet’s artificial putting greens section our putting greens mimic the real thing as they provide similar action, grip, and green speed of real turf. Many golfers are enjoying Turfinet’s synthetic greens everyda and Turfinet will help you do the same. Turfinet is excited to show you the advantages of synthetic grass and by navigating our site you will learn why our product is the best for your out outdoor lawns and putting greens.