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    Synthetic Lawns

    Synthetic lawns are the best option when installing new grass in any yard. Turfinet is proud to have the best turf products in artificial grass for your residential lawn with the best team of installers. We are excited to share our new technology and manufacturing techniques which enable us to install the most realistic natural looking synthetic lawns on the market. Regular maintenance is gone once artificial grass becomes a part of your outdoor landscape. The fertilizers and pesticides are gone. The expensive water bills are gone! Turfinet is a natural looking substitute for grass that does away with all the problems associated to real grass. Please read below and learn the benefits of using Turfinet’s artificial grass.

    Using Turfinet for Synthetic Lawns

    Whether it is for lawns, play areas, putting greens, dog runs, patios, or sporting fields, synthetic lawns have many practical and convenient uses. Our clients are amazed at how real and visually appealing artificial turf products are.
    Turfinet’s premium synthetic srass is an ideal solution for animal lovers and people with dogs. Some of Turfinet’s 100% polyethylene products are excellent for pets because they resist pet odors and are very similar in texture to natural grass. Our clients find that once we install their artificial grass lawns their pets enjoy running, rolling, and doing all the normal things that pets do on natural lawns on their newly installed synthetic lawns. Visit the grass for dogs page to learn more.

    Why Our Synthetic Lawns are Best Choice

    Families love how soft our synthetic lawns are to have fun and play games on, all without the hassle of grass stains of natural grass. Some children and adults have acquired allergies to grass, and artificial grass is the perfect solution for them. All in all families love all of the benefits of artificial lawns including saving money on water, removing grass stains from clothing, limiting grass allergies, and most importantly – saving precious time from maintenance. Time to sell the lawnmower and weed-eater!


    Artifical grass in play areas eliminates mud and grass stains.We are delighted to share our outstanding product line of synthetic grass for your entire playground and play area needs.

    With new technology and better manufacturing techniques synthetic turf is now the preferred choice for many sporting fields including NFL and many soccer fields. This same technology can be used for your own customized sporting area. Treat your family to all the benefits that artificial grass and synthetic putting greens have to offer. Turfinet’s grass will be your best friend in the growing industry.

    Artificial grass is the pristine choice for all of your personal golf and putting green needs. As mentioned in Turfinet’s golf section our synthetic golf greens mimic the real thing as they provide similar action, grip, and green speed of real Turf. Many golfers are enjoying synthetic greens everyday, and Turfinet will help you do the same.


    Artificial Grass for Residedential NeedsWe have the best most natural looking artificial grasses available for any residential turf application. All of our synthetic lawns are UV protected and look and feel just like natural grass.  Artificial grass for home is the best way to accentuate your front and back yard with turf that never dies. As a consumer you can feel completely confident in working with us for any artificial grass residential turf project and any of our artificial grass varieties below can instantly green up your landscape. We have categorized our artificial lawn varieties from Light, Medium, to Heavy Traffic so that you can pick the perfect variety for your residential turf landscape.

    Light Traffic Synthetic Lawns

    We have some fantastic varieties of synthetic lawns available for those areas in a landscape that simply do not get a lot of foot traffic. Using one of our “light traffic” lawns will enable you to save money and still enjoy the beautiful green aesthetic that our artificial turf provides. Our “light traffic” lawns range between 34oz. to 50oz. blade density and provide an ideal natural grass look for an affordable price.

    Medium Traffic Synthetic Lawns

    Our medium traffic artificial lawns can be used in a wide variety of residential applications. Our medium traffic lawns are exceptionally high quality and have terrific blade density value for the price. Perfect for any front or backyard that is looking for a fantastic artificial grass for an affordable price. Use any of these varieties in any area where natural grass could be used, and enjoy the hassle free beauty, and long term cost and time savings that will follow.

    Natural Virtue 60 oz.

    Heavy Traffic Artificial Grass

    Our “Heavy Traffic” artificial grass for synthetic lanws is intended for any area where a lot of foot or animal traffic is intended. We use our highest blade density available to ensure that your artificial grass will hold up longer in areas of your landscape that will get a lot of use. Residential turf is perfect for children and pet use while very natural looking and soft just like real grass. Our “Heavy Traffic” line of synthetic grass is the highest quality on the market, exceeding 80oz blade density, ensuring that your synthetic lawns lasts as long as possible.

    Synthetic Lawns