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    Sports Turf

    Find out why sports turf is perfect for all sports
    Enhance your horse shoe pit with artificial grassPlay the sport you love without the hassle, maintenance, and spending unnecessary money. Learn how Turinet’s sports turf will help make maintaining a sports field an easy task. Turfinet can also enhance your own backyard with artificial grass for game areas and leisurely living. Let us re-invent the game by installing sports turf for your arena.  Review the options below and learn how Turfinet can help you live and play a better with an easier lifestyle.

    Sports Turf in Athletic Fields

    Turfinet will provide, deliver and install sports turf, football artificial grass,  baseball and softball, artificial grass tennis court, soccer artificial grass and any other professional athletic or sports fields. Your artificial athletic field will never need any water to survive. There will never be a need for mowing and trimming.

    Indoor Arenas

    Artificial Grass makes indoor arenas easy to maintain.Turfinet is the tried and true company to work with for the best artificial turf products to use when it comes to strength and durability for In recent years synthetic grass for indoor arenas has become more and more of a mainstay as sports arenas find that artificial grass can stand up to years and years of high traffic and rough play without showing signs of wear and tear. Indoor arenas such as soccer, football and baseball stadiums constantly use the grass fields in rough ways, ripping into the grass, digging up dibbits, smashing delicate grass fibers – it’s a wonder that there is any grass left at all. Over time that grass becomes patchy and requires constant maintenance to keep a beautiful look for the indoor arenas, but with synthetic grass that constant rough play hardly shows at all in the appearance of the artificial grass.
    Synthetic grass for indoor arenas has been specifically designed to be outstandingly durable, safe, resilient and valuable to the sports arenas. Synthetic grass can stand up to even the hardest beatings day after day and still look as beautiful and well maintained as the day it was laid. Artificial grass for indoor arenas requires low maintenance so that the focus of the indoor arena staff can be put on other more valuable aspects of maintaining a large sports arena. The beauty of synthetic grass for indoor arenas is that because the grass lasts for longer periods of time with low maintenance requirements, indoor arenas will have a lower overall cost of maintaining the grass. Instead of replacing worn and old organic grass every 5-10 years, synthetic grass can last for twice as long in indoor arenas.
    Indoor arenas across the world have found the value in laying artificial grass on their fields to lower maintenance costs and time. With money and time freed up, indoor arenas can spend it on bolstering other aspects of the arena from advertising to maintaining the actual indoor arena.

    Sports Turf For Outdoor Arenas

    Turfinet understands just what kind of turf is needed for an outdoor arena. Outdoor arenas need to withstand all different varieties of weather conditions. Natural grass can become extremely costly for outdoor arenas due to all the high maintainence that is required by natural grass. A lot of money goes into natural grass for outdoor arenas. Fertilizers, watering systems, trimming costs, and other care solutions for natural grass become very inconvenient. This is why Turfinet’s sports turf becomes the better choice when it comes to grass for outdoor arenas. Turfinet’s sports turf completely eliminates costs from watering systems, fertilizers, and expensive trimming machinery that comes with caring for natural grass. Our sports turf will guarantee a fresh, green looking grass year round with very minimal maintanance required. Sprinkler systems and countless hours of grass care will become a thing of the past.