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    Grass Infills

    Infills  are an important element to the installation of your artificial grass lawn.  An Infill also known as Durafill is most commonly an acrylic coded silica usually  used for landscaping, and keeps surface 30 degrees cooler and softer.

    The Infill’s Turfinet provides are either sand or small rubber particles that are put in between the blades of the turf once installed.  Their purpose is to allow the blades to stand up and look like natural standing grass.

    Our Rubber Infill is made from recycled rubber from recycled old truck tires, but it heats up a lot faster and is absorbent, meaning that it retains odors and heavy metals. Mostly used for sports fields.

    Importance of Infills

    Infills are important and is the most recent technology in synthetic grass products to improve installation helping to improve the natural application of the artificial grass.  Durafill helps to absorb rain water and animal urine helping to eliminate bacteria. It is only necessary to apply one time upon the synthetic turf installation. Our infills are environmentally friendly and does not contain zinc, dust, or heavy metals.

    We have several types of infills all used for different reasons to your synthetic grass installation.


    This infill is most commonly used for landscape.

    Silica is natural silica; so it is friendly towards the environment. It is extremely durable, which makes it the perfect option for landscaping and when turf infills are needed. There is a dust free type of silica turf infills, which is often the best option to go for.

    Silica is also odorless and will absorb the odors that pets leave behind, whether you have a cat, dog or something a little more exotic. There is often a light coating of rubber used in silica infill’s, but this and the weight will help to keep the grass in place at all times, no matter what the weather it like.


    Fine acrylic coated silica used for mostly for putting greens.  Available in neutral tones that blend in well with the turf and look just like dirt.  The Internet is to look as natural as possible.


    Fine acrylic coated silica used for landscape turf applications.  The clear silica is intended to have a transparent like look to it and blend with the artificial turf or putting green as much as possible.

    Green Large:

    Used more often on synthetic grass and not very often on putting greens due to the larger size of the grain.  Great to absorb impacts and to provide a “quick fill” solution to your artificial turf project.


    Made out of recycled cotton truck tires and is used for sports.

    The rubber is commonly used on sport fields, but some of it is turned into rubber mulch. The mulch turf infill’s are commonly used in playgrounds because it offers a little more protection for children and is a lot safer than landing on concrete, bark or sand.


    Turf deodorizer, required for landscapes with pet traffic.  Contains enzymes that naturally break down urine and contaminants.  An extra way to ensure that your turf is as fresh as possible.