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    Commercial Turf

    Commercial Turf

    Turfinet offers a wide array of commercial turf that is environmentally friendly, requires very little maintenance, and offers an exceptional alternative to natural grass. In fact, once installed, you will immediately begin to reap the benefits that our synthetic turf has to offer. From saving on water costs to keeping your grass looking green all year long, you will be satisfied with your new synthetic grass. Our synthetic grass comes with a 10 year warranty and has gone through a strict EPA-Tested system in order to ensure that our products are safe for the environment.

    Why Choose Commercial Turf

    Do away with pesticides! With commercial turf, there are no pests to ward off. Save your money and help save the planet by installing artificial grass and foregoing the use of pesticides. As mentioned before, synthetic turf will help you save money on watering and maintenance costs that come with owning natural grass.

    Forget About Fertilizers!

    Fertilizers are the costly products that come hand in hand with owning natural grass. Fertilizers must be used year round in order to keep natural grass green and healthy, but with Turfinet’s turf, this is a thing of the past! Our turf stays green all year long and doesn’t attract seed eating birds!