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    Grass For Dogs

    Turfinet provides the very best artificial grass for dogs and pets available today. Give your pets a place to roam free in your yard without you worrying about them ruining your manicured lawn.
    Pet Turf
    Artificial grass for dogs is pet friendly and odor resistant, not to mention, easy to clean! Imagine a beautiful attractive rich green lawn that is perfectly green and manicured year round, and somewhere that dogs, cats and other pets will love.

    Fake grass for dogs allows you never needing to mow your lawn, add fertilizers and pesticides or pay an expensive water bill every month. Turfinet’s artificial “pet turf” looks and feels like the real thing so your pets will never know the difference. Artificial “pet turf” is the best way to keep a green lawn year round when you have pets.

    Our synthetic pet turf will need very little maintenance, so not only are you helping to create a pet friendly area, you are also creating an environment friendly and time friendly area. There is no need to spend hours mowing the lawn or trimming the grass and no need to spend a fortune on watering everything. The grass will look perfect all year round, with just some minimal cleaning for you.

    It does not matter where you live or what you climate is like. The grass for dogs looks perfect come rain or shine! The heat is a big problem for lawns and gardens, because it dries out the grass and means you need to spend more time using the sprinkler systems or getting out and watering the grass. With the synthetic grass, you can take the time to enjoy your time with your pet outside and watch as your neighbors spend hours on their lawn maintenance; no more stress and more free time at the weekends.

    Synthetic Grass For Dogs, Life Made Easier

    Turfinet can provide you with premium synthetic grass options with a wide range of possibilities for your pets; there really is something for everyone. Imagine having an easy, low maintenance solution for a grassy area that does not need any water or weekly maintaining

    Synthetic grass for dogs

    Artificial Grass for Pets

    Let us help you create an outdoor pet and recreation area that is free from mud, yellow problem areas, allergens, and weeds, so it is somewhere that your pets will love. Turfinet will provide you with the very best artificial grass for pets to enjoy anytime they like. Pets actually enjoy playing, running and rolling around in our artificial turf, due to how natural and real it looks and feels, and how great it smells!

    Why You Should Pick Grass For Dogs

    The pet turf is odorless, even when your pet has done its business. This will mean that you and your pet are happy to roll around in it. Also,  unlike natural grass, there is less chance that your pet will have to deal with allergies – something that many find due to natural grass and pesticides. Your dog will want to be outside and run around, instead of finding an area that does not irritate.
    Dogs have no issue finding and using their “special area” just like they do on natural grass.  They will easily find somewhere that is their territory since there are no smells to take away from that. Also, cleaning dog runs and pet areas with pet turf are as easy as most natural cleaning products work. Simply use the hose to spray and clean off any desired area at any convenient time.

    In fact, keeping the synthetic pet turf clean is much easier than trying to clean natural grass. The mess that your pet leaves behind will not disappear in the grass and you will not need to worry about where you are standing! It makes a place for both pet and owner to enjoy their time!

    Synthetic grass for dogs is the best way to keep a happy pet. A major advantage to Turfinet’s pet turf is that your dog won’t be able to dig holes in your lawn and let’s face it; this is something that most pets like to do! Without being able to dig up holes, your backyard looks flawless at all times and saves you time and money since you do not need to fill in the holes. Contact Turfinet today, so that we can create less maintenance for your family and deliver you with a premium synthetic turf lawn or pet area.

    Synthetic Grass for Pets

    Keeping your pet clean is made much easier too with the synthetic pet turf. There is no mud when the rainfall comes, so your pet can go outside and enjoy its time in the rain – if you want it to – without trailing any mud into your home. This means less work for you when it comes to bathing your pet, since it will need to be done less often; especially if you live in a naturally wet climate!

    Turfinet’s Grass For Dogs has a filtering system which is great for pet usage. When Pet Turf is installed there is a drainage membrane that is laid out underneath the turf. This allows for your turf to easily be cleaned and rid of any un-wanted pet odor.