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    What Is Artificial Grass?

    Artificial grass is a synthetic grass that imitates real grass without the hassle of maintenance. Fake grass is great for any outdoor commercial or residential landscape to replace real grass. Artificial turf is made to be durable and long lasting. Artificial turf is usually manufactured using polyethylene or nylom fibers that are attached to a synthetic backing material that is laid over the ground to resemble real grass. Turfinet grass has some of the finest materials available for a wide range of artificial grass installations. Artificial turf can be used for any application where grass is becoming the supreme choice for people who are hoping for a natural looking low maintenance alternative to real grass

    Why Use Turfinet?
    Turfinet carries the most realistic artificial grass. The quality in the material choices has significantly improved over the years and now it is very difficult to tell the difference in synthetic versus real. All of our synthetic turf and putting green products have gone through strict EPA-approved testing. Turfinet is free from led and mercury. Due to increased demands of Turfinet products we have been able to offer our synthetic grass at all-time low prices.

    Turfinet is Unique
    Many of Turfinet’s artificial grass products have dual multi- textured layered fibers that are woven tightly together with slightly different color variations to mimic natural grass. Holding Turfinet synthetic grass in your hands an feeling the texture for the first time is a remarkable experience, as most people are truely amazed at how real the material feels. Our premium synthetic grass has a unique edge over the competition due to durability. Turfinet’s artificial turf is able to withstanda normal amount of traffic caused by walking or running. As with most products – including natural grass, it is usually a good idea to install stepping stones or a natural pathe to lead from one are of the yard to another if that particular area has heavy traffic. Turfinet provides synthetic turf that is U.V. stabilized to reduce discoloration due to sun exposure. The fade rate is negligible and exceptionally difficult to notice with the human eye. Our synthetic turf blades have a specilized UV protected coating that protects from detrimental effects of the outside enviornment such as the sun, intensive heat, ice, and snow.

    So, how much does artificial turf cost?
    We install most of our artificial turf for around $6 per square foot installed. The price can go up if your propoesed project is a small area, and the price can go down if it is a larger area. The price of our turf can fluctuate depending on the style and turf density you select. There may be extra costs if there is a hardscape surface such as concrete or pavers to remove, otherwise the cost of exavation is included. There are many more details to discuss and we are here to help you with everything.