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  • Water Conservation in Anthem


    Water Conservation in Your City, Let’s Start with Anthem

    Each city in Arizona belongs to a unique natural environment and is faced with their own water regulations and challenges. Anthem, a result of Del Webb’s planned suburb city, is now home to 21,7000 people[1].  Anthem has the reputation of being a great place to raise a family, golf, shop or settle into retirement. However, with the growing population and changes in policies, Anthem is feeling the weight of water scarcity in our desert state. Starting in 2009,  Arizona American Water Company has been proposing to nearly double the amount that Anthem inhabitants pay for water. They are Arizona’s largest private water company, and provide water and sewer services to 8,300 households in Anthem[2].

    The original plan would have the average resident pay an estimated $85 more a month for water usages. Since then there have been some compromises between the company and the adamantly opposed homeowners. Resulting in an increase of about 56 percent of water costs and 43.5 percent for wastewater services, that went into effect December 1, 2010. Additional increases will be in implemented January 1, 2012, and again in 2013 for a total of almost a 70% increase.

    Lawn Water Conservation

    Turn off your Sprinklers

    Conserve Water, Save Money

    People in Anthem are not the only ones forced to cut down on water usage, but Arizona cities as a whole will be confronted with this common theme. The implementation of a synthetic lawn is a great way to save big on skyrocketing water bills and help the environment. Don’t sacrifice your landscape because of rising water prices!

    Turfinet can give you the natural look and feel of real grass with NO watering or maintenance. Homeowners are also encouraged to utilize native plants in landscaping to conserve water and balance the preservation of the natural environment with the sprawling suburban development. Let us help you implement Xeriscaping techniques into your yard for a beautiful combination of desert plants and low water bills!

    Also see the following for more information:

    Arizona-American Water Company, Inc. – Anthem/Agua Fria Wastewater District Deconsolidation Docket Number:  W-01303A-09-0343 et al.


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    [2] RUCO-Residential Utility Consumer Office