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  • Water Conservation


    Water Conservation

    Water conservation is becoming more and more important, especially in the state of Arizona. This is why it is important to get artificial grass installed in our outdoor environment. Because we as a nation are becoming more aware of conserving resources, Turfinet takes the water pressure off the topic of “wasting water.”

    You do not need to water artificial grass for it to grow as it constantly stays green and vibrant for up to 10 years. Many home-owner associations are now limiting the size of any desired grass area before it is installed because of the necessary element of water needing to be used to keep up a lawn. This is to help conserve water and save money. The trend to landscaping is exponentially shifting towards eco-friendly water conscious designs. Natural grass uses a lot of water and fertilizers and leaves are a significant carbon footprint. Artificial turf does not use any water so it is a great savings alternative but it requires little to no maintenance.

    Water Conservation and Saving Money

    Water conservation is important when it comes to landscaping. We are living in a time where everyone needs to be more aware of how they use their resources and focus on not being wasteful. Having artificial grass will help with water conservation. Studies have shown that on average your water bill can be reduced by as much as 60% if you switch out your natural lawn for an artificial lawn. On average 75% of your monthly water bill is used for outside, according to water management studies. Sprinkler systems are inefficient in how they distribute water, with much of the water simply evaporating in the mist while the grass is watered. Artificial grass never needs any water, except for occasional cleaning when desired.

    Water may in fact cover over 70 percent of the earth’s surface but our current consumption patterns have encouraged us to take its extraordinary ability to support all life on the planet for granted. Fresh water resources have been exploited to a point where sustainability of it is in serious question. Especially in places like Arizona, where we are entering our second decade of drought while facing a stronger demand of water for a growing population. This is why water conservation is important. Although the American Southwest is no stranger to water shortages, our current drought is the longest and most severe on modern record. However, what most people may not know is that the majority of water used is not for drinking purposes alone.

    Phoenix’s Department of Water states that about two-thirds of Phoenix’s water goes towards residential uses, and more specifically landscape irrigation! The remaining one-third is used for commercial and industrial purposes. While this may seem a little overwhelming it is also very empowering. If two thirds of the water supply is going to care for our lawns, we as landscape enthusiasts and educated consumers, can really make a difference in what we choose to buy and use. Exploring options in sustainability such as water conservation Turfinet’s grass is a great way to start conserving water and money.

    Sustainability and Water Conservation

    Lawns are the single largest consumer of water in our landscapes, the EPA estimates that 61,000 gallons of water is used each year just to keep a single lawn green throughout the seasons and those numbers are almost double in Arizona’s hot desert. It is easy to practice water conservation with Turfinet’s grass because there is no water required which will save you significant amounts on your monthly water bill as well. Turfinet is also pet and kid friendly, odorless, and easy to clean and also removes any worry of grass induced allergies or stains on clothing.

    Because of the water conservation advantages Arizona also offers exciting tax rebates for installing synthetic turf in the desert, so your turf can actually make you money while conserving sustainability in water. Many of the rebate programs are sorted by city and can make you as much as $1,000 (depending on your city). Rebates are granted to new and existing homes and non-residential areas that replace at least 500 square feet of natural grass and plants with synthetic grass. Commercial and industrial installations can make up to $3,000 in some cities! So why should we care about water and our wallets? Water is the fundamental life source of every organism on the planet. Think of all the great things you can spend your money on after all the savings accumulated from a drastically lower water bills and hundreds of dollars a month from no lawn maintenance. The overall result will save you time and money to do the things you really want to do, meanwhile doing your part to decrease your carbon foot print and conserve water!

    Water Conservation, How Much Water a Real Lawn Typically Uses

    • According to U.S. geological survey 7.8 billion gallons of water are used for outdoor use everyday.
    • An average lawn uses more then 90 gallons of water everyday.
    • Cities are offering credits and rebates associated with converting grass to desert landscaping as an incentive for consumers to conserve water.
    • Synthetic grass never needs any water to stay green which helps with the water conservation movement.