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    Synthetic Grass

    Why is synthetic grass so popular these days? Besides being very low maintenance, an artificial lawn also boasts many other financial and time-saving benefits. Not to mention, anyone who installs synthetic grass on their home or business property is doing their part to conserve water and reduce their carbon footprint.

    Do you want to know more advantages that synthetic grass has to offer? You’ll find a few more listed below.

    Your Lawn Will Be Beautiful Year-Round with Synthetic Grass

    If you live in Arizona or anywhere on the west coast, you know how hard it is to keep a lawn looking its best. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your grass just will not grow. Or if it does, it will not stay green for long. With synthetic grass, you will have a beautiful, green lawn throughout the year. Not only will your lawn be beautiful, it will be practically maintenance-free.

    You Can Say Goodbye to High Water Bills

    Watering your lawn can make a huge dent in your water bill every month. Synthetic grass requires absolutely no watering, thus eliminating the need to pay those high bills to the water company. Also, some cities are now enforcing water restrictions that are only adding to the brown lawns across many areas of the US. Is yours one of them? Remember, no watering is needed whatsoever if you choose to install synthetic grass on your property instead of maintaining a real lawn. Imagine that. Having a beautiful green lawn year-round that doesn’t need watering.

    A Synthetic Lawn Is Better For the Environment

    Bugs and other pests are not attracted to synthetic grass. That means that you will not need to spray harmful pesticides on your lawn in order to keep them away. And since artificial grass doesn’t grow, you will not need to use a gas-powered lawnmower to cut it. These minor changes may not seem like much, but they can help you do your part to help preserve our environment.

    Synthetic Grass is Perfect for High-Traffic Areas

    Lawns that get a lot of use—show it. From the brown spots, to the dead patches of grass, a real lawn can show wear very easily. Synthetic grass, however, is engineered to take a beating. It’s no wonder why stadiums, playgrounds, shopping centers, and amusement parks install synthetic turf on their properties instead of attempting to keep their real lawns looking their best throughout the year.

    Pets Love Synthetic Grass

    Not only is artificial grass safe for pets, it makes pets happy. With a synthetic lawn, there are no more muddy days where pets will not be able to roam around their yard to “do their business”. Best of all, your dog or cat will not have to endure horrible flea and tick bites any longer, because these pesky critters prefer to thrive in a real lawn, not in synthetic grass.

    Synthetic Grass is Both Safe and Kid-Friendly

    What kid doesn’t love to play in the yard? Synthetic turf allow kids the opportunity to, well, just be kids. No more worries about your child getting bit up by bugs, coming into contact with harmful pesticides, experiencing outdoor allergies, or dealing with grass stains on their clothes when you choose to install synthetic grass on your property instead of keeping the real grass there.