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    How much does artificial grass cost? Turfinet has some of the best priced, best quality turf in the artificial grass industry. Many factors need to be considered when estimating the cost of your synthetic turf or putting green project. Turfinet has prepared a detailed list of items to look out when understanding how much artificial grass installation is. It is important to determine what type of material the existing surface is, such as rock or grass. Be sure to approximate the square footage of the proposed synthetic turf or putting green area for the best synthetic grass cost estimate. The larger size of the turf area the better cost value you will receive

    Cost of Artificial Grass …  An Easier, More Afordable Life

    • Natural Vs. Synthetic

    A small 300sq. ft. area of natural grass installed with a sprinkler system and timer averages to be $1,600 installed.

    Comparison – The same 300sq. ft. area for artificial turf averages about $1,800 installed. On a small yard grass project artificial grass is very close in price to natural grass. After many months of water savings the price of artificial grass ends up being more affordable then natural grass.

    Comparing – The upfront cost of natural vs. synthetic grass on a large project, the initial cost comparison is more evident. A large 25 ft. x 40 ft – 1,000sq. ft. area of natural grass, complete with sprinkler system and timer will cost on average $2,200 installed.

    Comparison – The same 1,000sq. ft. area installed with artificial turf will cost on average $5,500 installed. The price upfront is a little more then double on a larger project when comparing synthetic to natural grass, but synthetic turf will still be less costly after a few years of water savings

    • Maintenance Cost

    Maintaining a synthetic lawn is very easy and affordable, while maintaining a natural lawn requires weekly maintenance. This includes mowing, watering, fertilizing and more. An average landscape that has grass and plants typically cost around $250 per month and easily more for larger yards to maintain and water.

    Comparison – A synthetic lawn requires no weekly or monthly maintenance and no water!

    A synthetic lawn will benefit from occasional sweeping to “refresh” the turf and a nice spray down with the hose from time to time to clean off any debris. If you would like to save on monthly expenditures for your family, conserve water, save precious time, and enjoy a green yard year round, the choice is an easy decision. Choose Turfinet to install a beautiful attractive synthetic lawn for you today.

    • Watering Cost

    A natural lawn can cause havoc on your monthly water bill, especially if you live in a very hot climate like Arizona. Most lawns need to be watered every day and it has been shown that outdoor landscaping can on average account for more than 75% of your monthly water bill.

    Comparison – With synthetic turf you will not need to spend any money on watering as Turfinet’s synthetic grass will stay green all year round. You will be saving anywhere between $70 to $400 or more on watering costs per month.

    • Sprinkler Systems

    You will never need a sprinkler system with synthetic turf. If you have an existing sprinkler system, we will simply cap off the lines or remove them all together before we install your synthetic lawn. Just think how nice it will be to have a green lawn year round and never have to worry about breaking another sprinkler head, or repairing another sprinkler valve again.

    Comparison – Synthetic grass will allow you to save money each month on watering costs and enable you to never have a need for a sprinkler system.