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    Artificial Grass Prices

    Turfinet offers the best artificial grass prices on the market for artificial turf and accessories. Turfinet has taken the time to price every turf variety we sell so that you get the most benefit for you dollar. When it comes to artificial grass prices of artificial grass we have the best turf for the most reasonable prices. Turfinet is proud to be your “one-stop-shop” for cutting edge products and accessories, including design and full service installation. We offer the finest ecological and natural looking artificial grass and putting green products available, while paying attention to detail and offering conservative pricing. Please take the time and review some of our artificial grass prices information below.

    Artificial Grass Prices & More

    What artificial grass prices are like…
    It is safe to assume that most of our Artificial Turf varieties range between $2.00 a sq. ft. and the mid $3.00 per sq. ft. range. This price is for our artificial turf only and does not include installation costs or custom infill options. Many different variables will determine the cost of our Artificial Turf and Putting Green selection. We have an abundant variety of turf selections available for our clients ad we offer discounts for large orders and monthly promotions. Please contact us for turf pricing details.Artificial Grass Installation ServicesTurfinet installs premium Artificial Grass commonly around $6.00 per square foot. Our price includes the cost of labor and our Artificial Grass product and infill. Pricing is typically adjusted to the site condition variables, such as overall square footage, surface preparation and excavation as well as drainage concerns. All of our specialized artificial Grass varieties are priced acoording to yarn density and manufacturing details. Please contact us for specific Artificial Grass Installation details.Infill Options for Artificial TurfWe have many different infill options for your artificial turf or putting green. The most common infill option is standard silica sand. We have our own line of specialized infill’s designed to reduce surface temperatures and provide added softness and durability. Please visit our infill’s section for more signature specific details. Look below for artificial grass prices.

    • Silica Sand Infill – $20/bag = 100 pounds
    • Rubber Infill – $0.30/pound
    • Turfinet Clear – $0.35/pound
    • Turfinet Blend – $0.35/pound
    • Turfinet Green – $0.35/pound

    Many factors need to be considered when estimating the cost of your synthetic turf or putting green project. It is important to determine what type of material the existing surface is, such as rock or grass. Be sure to approximate the square footage of the proposed synthetic turf or putting green area. The larger size of the turf area the better cost value you will recieve.

    The Good News About Artificial Grass Prices
    The good news is that over the years through technology and development, the most natural looking artificial turf and putting greens are now available at more affordable prices then ever before. Turfinet has spent countless hours in researching the artificial turf industry and we are very proud to offer you the best turf products available.

    How To Determine the Cost of Your Artificial Turf Project
    1. The first step is to determine your desired location and approximate size of your intended artificial turf or putting green area.
    2. Next, it is important to determine what type of excavation will need to be done prior to installing your artificial turf. Is there any hardscape such as brick or concrete that will need to be removed? Will any structures need to be removed or is anything in the way of the prospected artificial turf area. Write down any important details.
    3. Now it’s time to measure the approximate length of your proposed artificial turf area. Then measure the width of your proposed turf area. When you have measured length and width simply multiply the two numbers together to come up with the square footage. (Example: 10 ft. wide x 15 ft. long = 150 square feet) To help measure curves you may find that it is more helpful to paint or draw small squares or rectangles inside of your artificial turf area to help you get a very accurate calculation.
    4. There are more details to consider such as drainage and the type of artificial turf or putting greens that you would like, but we can help you with that. The next step is to simply call us or send us your information through our “Request A Quote” section on our website. We will get you a price very quickly and hopefully earn your business
    So, how much does artificial turf cost?
    We install most of our artificial turf for around $6 per square foot installed. Artificial grass prices can go up if your propoesed project is a small area, and the price can go down if it is a larger area. The price of our turf can fluctuate depending on the style and turf density you select. There may be extra costs if there is a hardscape surface such as concrete or pavers to remove, otherwise the cost of exavation is included. There are many more details to discuss and we are here to help you with everything.