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    Artificial Putting Greens

    Using state of the art, cutting edge products is always our mission so we can deliver our customers the very best available solutions for artificial putting greens and golf products. Turfinet’s synthetic putting greens enable golfers to experience the action that real putting greens offer, including very authentic “action” and realistic green speed. Golf ball reaction on Turfinet’s synthetic putting greens will spin, and grip just like it would on natural greens.

    Putting Greens and Golf Turf


    We focus on “stimp” which is the measurement of how fast the the ball rolls on the putting greens. We determine the speed with a Stimpmeter. The higher the Stimp, the faster the greens. Stimp readings of 10 and higher are considered fast. Twelve is considered extremely fast as fast as most professional tournaments use.

    Undulations  are also important which are the slops, dips, and contours of the putting green. So preparing the base before installing the turf is key. We make sure that the undulations of your putting green are in the best condition so you can practice your putting game.

    Choose Your Artificial Putting Greens

    artificial putting greens synthetic putting greens artificial putting greens
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    Radiance 48 oz.

    Turfinet offers the very best artificial putting greens for all synthetic putting green applications. Many professional golfers from around the globe now enjoy and prefer the benefits of using synthetic putting greens for their private putting greens. With very minimal maintenance and no water bill, using artificial putting greens for residential and commercial putting green uses is the obvious choice. Aside from saving time, environmental benefits, and water conservation, synthetic grass even reacts to the golf ball with very realistic green speeds, grip, and action. Many golfers appreciate how real Turfinet’s synthetic greens seem, compared to standard putting greens. In golf, consistency is crucial, and our artificial greens offer reliable performance time after time.

    Artificial Grass for GolfTurfinet’s artificial grass putting greens are tested to the highest standards so that you and your family can enjoy a premium product that will last. Adding an artificial putting area to your back yard will leave you amazed by the convenience of having quality practice time without any interruptions, or the inconvenience of maintenance and upkeep.

    Your back yard will be a new “peaceful green” dynamic that will fun for the whole family. Children can play all sorts of games without getting their clothes dirty or experiencing grass allergies. All in all, we are excited to share our premium and unique synthetic turf with you. Turfinet is looking forward to meeting and discussing your putting green and golf needs very soon!

    Quick Facts: Benefits of Artificial Turf for Golf

    Turfinet’s grass for golf…

    …has consistent turf “action” day in and day out.

    …has no divots or turf flaws.

    …has an excellent landing zone for chipping.

    …is almost maintenance free.

    …is so real, golf balls roll true and accurate at any speed.

    …is just like real greens, golf balls grip and react to the turf as if it were on natural grass.

    …has exceptional drainage that is superior to natural grass.

    …requires no mowing, trimming, seeding, aerating, or pesticides are needed.

    …are always green and pristine.

    …no matter the season, is not affected by the climate change.

    Why Turfinet Putting Greens?

    Turfinet putting greens – just like the real thing! Turfinet is proud to offer realistic artificial putting greens for residential and commercial use. Our cutting edge synthetic turf is the ideal choice for anyone looking to match the functionality of natural greens. Artificial grass putting is so much like the real thing professionals and hobbyists from all over have learned to appreciate how realistic Turfinet’s synthetic greens are to that of natural grass. Turfinet’s synthetic putting greens provide an exceptional experience for golf enthusiasts looking to appreciate realistic “green speed” and authentic action. If you are an experienced golfer you will find comfort knowing that our artificial putting greens will give you a very real experience that you will enjoy that will actually improve your golf game over time. Just think how nice it will be to improve your golf game without the effort of going to the golf course.