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    Artificial Grass Phoenix

    Artificial Grass in Phoenix is the best way to have a green lawn all year long!
    Artificial grass Phoenix is a cost-effective alternative for natural grass lawns.  Turfinet’s artificial grass uses a high quality fiber which replicates natural grass. Not only is artificial grass extremely easy to maintain it does not need to water, mow or fertilizer.  Mankind has taken Mother Nature for granted for the past many years, and is today facing its consequences.

    Global warming is a real threat and our natural resources are dwindling rapidly. It might seem like we might not run out of water on our planet, since 70% of it is covered with it; but water conservation is really important. And it’s particularly true for a state like Arizona, which has seen a drought for more than a decade now. That’s why, artificial grass Phoenix is the option chosen by those who care for their environment.

    How to care for Artificial Grass Phoenix

    An extensive lawn with green grass beyond a whitewashed picket fence is a dream for several individuals. However, hectic lifestyles or harsh weather conditions make it an impossible task to maintain a lawn in a healthy condition, not to mention the additional expense incurred for watering and mowing it on a regular basis. If you are searching for the best and economic alternative for this situation, then artificial grass Phoenix is the right solution for you.

    Did you know that two thirds of the water consumption in Phoenix is for residential purposes? It’s true and this water consumption is mainly for landscape irrigation. While there’s no debate about wanting to make your home look aesthetic by having a well kept turf around them, the point is you can still have a lush turf without using huge amounts of water for managing it. Artificial grass Phoenix offers you a more sustainable solution for your yard and eliminates the need for large quantities of water used on keeping your lawn in good condition every week.

    The good thing about artificial grass is that it can look quite natural and scores highly on aesthetic value. You will still be able to add to the look of your front yard or patio when you use artificial grass. Artificial grass Phoenix is an option that many home owners have already begun to explore. Not only does it help you conserve water but saves you costs on water bills every month too.


    Artificial Grass Phoenix Care Tips

    If you are planning to get artificial grass for the lawn in your garden or backyard, then following the care tips mentioned below would ensure that the grass selected by you would last for a lifetime:

      • -Selecting the type of artificial grass Phoenix that is best for your yard takes careful consideration. If you are looking for grass to place in a  low traffic area of your yard for aesthetic and decorating  then we provide a specific turf called Light Niagara that will work well for your yard. In contrast, high traffic artificial grass such as Bold Elation should be chosen for residential lawns where one wishes to entertain guests or play golf.


        • -Even though artificial grass Phoenix requires low maintenance, regular grooming and brushing of the synthetic fibers would enhance the longevity of your artificial grass. Organic and synthetic debris, contaminants, moisture, reactants and UV rays could take a toll on the condition and lifespan of your artificial grass.


        • -Sanitizing is an essential step in the maintenance of artificial grass. We at Turfinet provide you with deodorizers if you have pets that not only sanitize your artificial grass but also helps with odor from pet urine.

    Artificial grass Phoenix is an environmentally friendly option for your landscape. Artificial grass is the option chosen by those who care for their environment. Another reason why artificial grass Phoenix is a  great alternative to real grass is that a huge amount of gasoline is used to run mowers and other equipment required to manage grass. With the natural gas resources being cut down to size, you need to conserve gasoline in every way you can. Moreover, prices of gasoline have skyrocketed in recent times and this only seems like the beginning. When you have artificial grass installed in your yard, you will eliminate the need for these maintenance equipments and thereby gasoline, which will save you costs and be a huge help in protecting our planet too.