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    Artificial Grass Maintenance

    Turf Maintenance is minimal when you use artificial turf.
    Turf maintenance is easy to do, this is because the maintenance is a few minutes compared to the extensive maintenance needed for a natural lawn. Little to no artificial grass maintenance is required when you install artificial turf. Turfinet’s artificial turf and putting green clients are consistently amazed at the minimal amount of maintenance that is needed to keep their turf in good condition.

    Unlike natural grass, which needs weekly maintaining, daily watering and fertilizing, artificial turf is exceptionally easy to manage. Some of our clients go years without ever doing anything to their artificial turf project except enjoy it. Imagine what would happen to a real grass lawn if there was little to no maintenance for a few years! So sit back and enjoy your new, beautiful, hassle free lawn.

    Turf Maintenance is easy. Artificial turf has “blade memory” just like real grass and is very resilient over time. Because of heavy traffic the blades can be refreshed by simply brushing them with a wide broom. There are different types of infill products available that can be spread over the area and swept in to help lock the blades in place. Infill is used during installation so most all of the work is done upfront and maintenance is often not needed but every few years.

    Artificial Grass Maintenance & Cleaning

    Turf Maintenance is easy.  Because of Turfinet’s porous artificial turf material all you have to do is take a hose and spray the turf to clean any debris off. Our artificial turf drains very easily due to how permeable the material and sub-base is, so it will be looking just like new in no time. To disinfect the turf, simply clean with 50% white distilled vinegar and 50% water. No harsh chemicals or are needed.

    Turf Maintenance after high traffic use is important to maintaing a fresh lawn. Artificial turf is built to be able to withstand a normal amount of traffic caused by walking or running. As with most products – including natrual grass, it is usually a good idea to install stepping-stones or a natural path to lead from one area of the yard to another if that area will heave heavy traffic. Installing stepping-stones or other materials to walk on in heavy traffic areas will protect your artificial lawn for the long run and extend the life of your investment, as well as make turf maintenance a lot easier!. After extended periods of time, your artificial turf will appreciate occational sweeping to reinvigorate the blades of the turf.