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    Synthetic Grass

    A picket fence and a sprawling lawn with green grass – has this been the picture of your dream house for quite a while now? Lawns are the favorite method of dressing up a garden for several thousands of individuals in Phoenix but it is hard to achieve a green lawn all year long because of the hot Phoenix weather. If you are one of those individuals whose dream of having an expansive lawn has remained unachievable for a long time, then Artificial Grass in Phoenix is the right solution for you.

    Everyone wants to know more about artificial grass and its benefits. Artificial Grass in Phoenix is the best alternative for the people who cannot afford to water and maintain an expansive lawn, or those who live in places where the weather conditions are very hostile and do not support healthy growth of natural lawn grass.

    Tufinet’s artificial grass is soft and smooth and resembles the verdant vibrancy of natural lawn grass to the maximum extent possible, thus fulfilling one’s dream of having a sprawling lawn in one’s garden or backyard without much expense or hassle. Artificial turf proves to be an extremely cost effective alternative to natural grass lawn, as the water and electricity consumption comes down to zero with its aid, and one need not spend their valuable time in tending to the lawn by mowing or cleaning it.

    Artificial Grass mimics original grass very closely, and is extremely resistant to wear and tear due to continuous usage, which is why children, teenagers, adults and even pets tend to approve of it with ease. One would no longer need to search for or rent a suitable place for entertaining others or playing a cricket match with friends – their own patch of green would prove to be an ideal place. We believe everyone should know about artificial grass and its benefits.

    About Synthetic Grass

    Artificial turf is also eco-friendly in a lot of ways – one need not sprinkle their lawn with substantial quantities of weed control and pest control chemical agents, and there would be no need to use the potentially harmful fertilizers and pesticides, thus preventing their percolation beneath the layers of soil and contamination of ground water resources.

    Artificial grass is undoubtedly one of the most cost effective and low maintenance landscaping amenities, which would serve all your lawn-related purposes for a long time to come with minimum care essentials.

    The Advantages of Synthetic Grass

    People refrain from getting artificial grass as they think it is not a good decision when it comes to pets and appearance. This is because most don’t know about artificial grass benefits. The advantage with Artificial Grass Phoenix is that it is easy to maintain and also it is a good idea to get the synthetic lawn as Phoenix is an ideal region for such lawns. It provides a clean outdoor area with environmental benefits. Since artificial lawns don’t need chemicals or pesticides to take care of it, it contributes in its own tiny way to a healthy environment. Also since artificial grass doesn’t need water, it also lets us save that. Plus, cleaning the grass with hard bristled brush is all it takes, unlike regular lawns which require a lot of time and energy to maintain it.

    Artificial Grass Phoenix is quite common in the area as more and more people come to know of its technologically advanced benefits. Let’s go into more benefits about artificial grass.

    More about artificial grass:

    1. Since it is artificial, it does not need chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This results in hardly any side effects and thus leads to a healthy chemical free environment.
    2. A regular sized lawn needs about 225-300 gallons of water for its maintenance. Artificial grass doesn’t need water at all and hence not only brings down your water bill but also lends its hand to the growing problem of scarcity of water all around the world.
    3. A typical lawn needs to be mowed on a regular basis to let the grass grow properly and also to make the lawn look well kept. The lawn mowers need a minimum of 800 millions of gallons of gasoline annually. The artificial lawn saves the fuel and also saves the environment from the harmful emission of gases.

    There are a lot of myths about artificial grass as well. Here are some clarifications:

    1. People often think that Artificial Grass Phoenix has poor drainage capabilities. That is not true. In fact, artificial grass comes with a 100% porous backing and ensures that it gels with the lawn’s own drainage process. The installation process is quite simple.
    2. Lawn lovers often refrain from the idea of artificial grass as they think it looks too unreal. In fact, it doesn’t look fake at all; as you get to choose the type of lawn you want to have- a lush green one or a regular lawn strewn with light greens, dark greens, browns etc.

    Hence, going for Artificial Grass Phoenix is a great idea for those who want to contribute to the environment.