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    Benefits of Artificial Grass

    Turfinet is a leading Premium Synthetic Turf and Putting Green installation company. We specialize in providing the best Artificial Grass products on the market while providing specialty installation services. Turfinet also sells to the public and other companies interested in using the outstanding artificial grass products that we offer. All of our synthetic turf and putting greens have gone through strict EPA- approved testing, and are free from lead, mercury, and other harmful elements. We are passionate about the environment we live in and provide synthetic turf that is environmentally friendly and saves water at the same time. Our products are used to harmonize with the environment by using the most natural looking artificial grass products available on the market, implementing the best yarn technology configuration, while offering personal customer service and quality control.

    Synthetic Lawns

    Having a synthetic lawn in your own backyard is a great way to save money and time. Families love how soft Turfinet lawns are to have fun and play games on, all without the grass stains of natural grass. Some children and adults have acquired allergies to grass. Synthetic turf is the perfect solution for getting rid of outdoor allergies caused from grass. All in all families love all of the benefits of artificial turf including saving money on water, removing grass stains from clothing, limiting grass allergies, and most importantly – saving precious time from maintenance. Time to sell the lawnmower and weed-eater Turfinet allows you to sit back and enjoy your lawn!

    Putting Greens and Golf

    Turfinet Grass offers the finest and most realistic synthetic putting greens available. Putting Greens are a great way to add character in your backyard. Having a Putting Green in your own back yard is beneficial for practicing your golf game when it comes to the crucial point of putting for Par. Personal putting greens in your own back yard are not only a great accent to you yard but a great way to enjoy playing a game with the whole family. Turfinet’s premium synthetic putting greens is a great way for family and friends to bond while enjoying all the benefits of the real thing, without the maintenance and the water bill.


    Turfinet grass has some of the fines materials available for a wide range of artificial grass installations. Artificial tur can be used for any application where grass is often used. From lawn areas, dog runs and playgrounds to putting greens and golf courses, artificial grass is becoming the supreme choice for people who are hoping for natural lookin, low maintenance alternative to real grass. The quality in the material choiced has significantly improved over the yeard, and now it is very difficult to tell the difference in synthetic versus natural grass. Many of Turfinet’s unique artificial grass products have a dual multi-textured layered fiber.