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    About Artificial GrassAs our client, you can be completely secure in knowing that Turfinet is the best artificial grass supplier and has every intention of being here for as long as possible. We extend an 8-year manufacturing warranty on our artificial grass so that you can feel confident in your decision. Above all, we simply care and we will always treat you with respect and value you as a customer.  Unlike other grass suppliers, Turfinet believes in the friendliness of old fashion business, and strive to earn respect and repeat business from our clients. We simply are here for you!

    Most people don’t know too much about artificial grass and how an artificial grass company should treat its clients. Normally other artificial grass suppliers just install the grass and leave. We at Turfinet pride ourselves in being the leaders of installing and selling premium artificial grass and putting greens to the public.  Staying from beginning to end starting from the design process and keeping in touch with our clients for customer satisfaction appointments even after your project is finished.  We want to make sure that you get the most out your artificial grass and make sure that it is just the way that you expected it.

    Originating in Scottsdale Arizona, we now sell our exceptional artificial grass products all around the United States. We have developed an intense passion for excellence, and through much research and development, we now offer the most realistic artificial grass on the market making Turfinet carries the best Artificial Grass installers in the Valley.  Our leading line of artificial grass and putting greens are very soft to the touch, and look incredibly natural.  You will be the envy of your friends and family when they see what you have, all with very little work and maintenance. You will want to tell the whole world about artificial grass!

    In fact, all of our artificial grass varieties are UV stabilized and most are made from Polyethylene yarn, which is very strong, durable, and fade resistant; ; perfect for those who live in hot and sunny climates as well as those who only see sun for a few months of the year. Our artificial grass blades are frost and heat resistant, and contain no harmful environmental concerns. Our artificial grass blades contain no mercury or lead and have been tested to be free of such harmful contaminants. Our Artificial grass and putting green fibers are bound by formulated polyurethane coated backing to ensure industry leading binding strength.


    About Artificial Grass & Animal Lovers:


    What about artificial grass and your pets? If you are an animal lover and enjoy spending time with your pets, we offer a complete line of artificial grass that are specifically engineered to provide maximum satisfaction for you and your pets. We have an exclusive 5 part artificial grass pet system with antibacterial and antimicrobial inhibitors designed to encourage fresh smelling vibrant grass year round.  Your pets will love the artificial grass and will want to run around and lay in it the whole year round.

    Our clients consistently rave about how easy our artificial grass is to clean and enjoy, especially without the consistent weekly maintenance and water bills of natural grass.  This makes the grass the perfect option for animal lovers, who worry about finding their pet’s feces lying around in the garden. There is no need to worry about what your friends will think or having to apologize for your family treading in something that they would rather not.  Click here to learn more about artificial grass and pets!

    About Artificial Grass & Golfers:

    Turfinet offers several varieties of putting greensOur custom designed “Golf Grass” is perfect for the average golf enthusiast of golf pro looking to enhance their game when away from the greens. We have done our due diligence in the golfing arena interviewing and working with professional golfers to ensure that we are consistently achieving realistic results. Our artificial grass putting greens provide grip, spin, and action to the golf ball very similar to natural greens.  Perfect for golfers who want to improve naturally over time, and not affect their normal game when they go back to the greens.

    Our artificial grass makes it possible to practice your putting from your own backyard but still feel like you are on the green. It offers the perfect way to build up experience without having to spend thousands on club memberships. This is also a great opportunity to spend time with children, as you teach them about golfing.

    Now that you have learned about artificial grass, you should know that here at Turfinet we take pride in offering the best artificial grass possible. We use customer satisfaction reports and all communication to make sure that our customer service is the best possible and our products are the best on the market. We ensure that our clients have the experience of their dreams and have the garden, lawn or golfing green that they have always wanted. Your fellow golfers will be raving about artificial grass!