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    Water and Turf

    Water And Turf

    Global Perspective: In recent times water has been referred to as “blue gold” and is a $425 billion a year industry 1. In 1995, a vice president of the World Bank famously declared that, as the wars of the 20th century were fought over oil, so the wars of the 21st would be fought over water. The privatization of the water industry has led to the selling of water to those who can afford it and not necessarily to those who need it. Countries in South America, Africa and other developing nations are examples of how the infiltration of corporations buying and privatizing sources of water can lead to riots, increased poverty, health and sanitation issues, and overall a decrease in the quality of life.

    Wasting water is easy but environmentally and economically costly!

    Experts argue that climate change is the driving force of privatization and water conflicts. The issue with climate change in relation to water, is the wide variation of how a particular place will experience disruptions. For example coastal regions could experience sea level rise, more frequent and intense storm events, increased flooding, or increased annual precipitation. While other geographical areas could see water supply challenges like a decrease in annual precipitation, increased droughts, early snow melt, decreased freeze in ice caps, and increased land erosion.

    What would happen if one day water did not just come springing out of your tap? We often do not give a second thought to our right to fresh, safe drinking water. However, as we continue to move forward into an even more unpredictable climate, with an increasing reliance on bottled water,  maybe it is time to stop and give thought to the world’s most precious resource. What is in fact a very inconvenient truth is that the earth is running out of fresh water. The developed world successfully been depleting aquifers, rivers, and lakes at an astonishing rate and invading other country’s supply to do the same. Not only is this unsustainable but unjust. For those of us who are free to use as much water as we want with little or no restrictions, we should still be questioning who is in charge of water

    decision making and most of all, is water something that should be owned in the first place? When the effects of a water shortage is felt close to home maybe then we will realized that without water we lose the most fundamental source of life, economy, society and culture.

    Local Application: Let the experts at Turfinet help you install the right turf for you! With all of the overwhelming and slightly disheartening information on the state of our water supply there are many things you can do to help! Being an everyday environmentalist is easier than ever before and implementing lifestyle changes does not have to feel like a sacrifice. Installing synthetic turf can dramatically decrease your fresh water usage as well as your water bill! Feel great about never turning on a sprinkler again without trading the quality and beauty of your landscape.

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    Check out FLOW: For the Love of Water, for a great documentary all about water!

    Irena Salina, flowthefilm.com 1