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  • Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass is our specialty and we are excited to share our product with you. Turfinet is a leading Premium Synthetic Turf and Putting Green installation company. We specialize in providing the best artificial grass products on the market while providing specialty installation services. We also sell our turf directly to the public for self installation and we are happy to sell to companies interested in using the outstanding artificial grass products that we offer. All of our synthetic turf and putting greens have gone through strict EPA-approved testing, and are free from lead, mercury and other harmful elements. We are passionate about the environment we live in and provide synthetic turf that is environmentally friendly and saves water use at the same time. Our turf products are used to harmonize with the environment by using the most natural looking turf products available on the market. We implement the best yarn technology configuration, while offering personal customer service and quality control.

    Artificial Grass Lawns

    Having an artificial grass lawn in your own backyard is a great way to save money and time. Families love how soft Turfinet lawns are to have fun and play games on and we know you and your family with love Turfinet's grass too. Our product is the best way to have outdoor lawn fun with the family without the grass stains created by natural grass. The other disadvantage to real grass are the allergy side effects that come with it. Some children and adults have acquired allergies to grass which is why artificial grass is the perfect solution for getting rid of outdoor allergies caused from grass. All in all families love all of the benefits of artificial grass including saving money on water, not having to remove grass stains from clothing, limiting grass allergies, and most importantly, saving precious time from maintenance. Time to sell the lawnmower and weed-eater. Turfinet allows you the time to sit back and enjoy your lawn without the hassle of regular grass landscaping!

    Putting Greens and Golfing with Artificial Grass

    Turfinet's artificial grass offers the finest and most realistic artificial putting greens available. Putting greens are a great way to add character to your backyard all while having a fun outdoor game to play with the family. Having a putting green that is easily accessible is beneficial for practicing your golf game when it comes to the crucial point of putting for Par. Personal artificial putting greens in your own back yard are not only a great accent to you yard but a great way to enjoy playing a game with the whole family. Turfinet's premium synthetic putting greens are a great way for family and friends to bond while enjoying all the benefits of the real thing, without the maintenance and the water bill.

    Information About Artificial Grass

    Turfinet's artificial grass has some of the finest materials available for a wide range of artificial grass installations. Artificial grass can be used for any application where grass is often used. From lawn areas, dog runs and playgrounds to putting greens and golf courses, artificial grass is becoming the supreme choice for people who are switching from real grass to artificial grass. The quality in the material has significantly improved over the years and now it is very difficult to tell the difference in artificial versus natural grass. Many of Turfinet's unique turf products have a dual multi-textured layered fiber. This gives the grass the visual elements of creating a very natural appearance that is soft to the touch. Visit our about artificial grass page to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass.

    Synthetic Lawns

    Having a synthetic lawn in your own backyard is a great way to save money and time. Families love how soft Turfinet lawns are to have fun and play games on, all without the grass stains of natural grass.

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    Putting Greens

    Turfinet Grass offers the finest and most realistic synthetic putting greens available. Putting Greens are a great way to add character in your backyard.

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    Pet Turf

    Turfinet provides the very best ARTIFICIAL GRASS FOR DOGS and pets available today. Give your pets a place to roam free in your yard without you worrying about them ruining your manicured lawn.

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    Artificial Grass Phoenix

    Artificial Grass Scottsdale

    Artificial Grass Phoenix

    How to care for Artificial Grass Phoenix An extensive lawn with verdant green grass beyond a whitewashed picket fence is a dream for several individuals. However, hectic lifestyles or harsh weather conditions make it an impossible task to maintain a lawn in a healthy condition, not to mention the additional expense incurred for watering and mowing it on a regular basis. If you are searching for the best and economic alternative for this situation, then Artificial Grass Phoenix could be the right solution for you.

    Artificial Grass Phoenix & Cost

    Artificial Grass Phoenix is a very cost-effective alternative for natural grass lawns, as synthetic grass used herein is of high quality fiber and replicates natural grass very closely, apart from being extremely easy to maintain. One does not need to water, mow or fertilize the artificial grass, and hence electricity and water bills can be slashed down upon. Different grades of synthetic grass are available, depending upon the usage, preferences and traffic that the grass would attract.

    Artificial Grass Phoenix Care Tips

    If you are planning to get artificial grass for the lawn in your garden or backyard, then following the care tips mentioned below would ensure that the grass selected by you would last for a lifetime:
    • Selecting the type of artificial grass according to the usage would prove to be a wise choice. One should opt for low traffic grass for decorating areas like commercial properties where there are no pathways. In contrast, high traffic synthetic grass should be chosen for residential lawns where one wishes to entertain guests or play golf.
    • Even though Artificial Grass Phoenix requires low maintenance as compared to natural grass, regular grooming and brushing of the synthetic fibers would enhance the longevity of the artificial grass. Organic and synthetic debris, contaminants, moisture, reactants and UV rays could take a toll on the condition and lifespan of the artificial grass, and hence regularly vacuuming would help in enhancing its natural lifespan.
    • Sanitization is an essential step in the maintenance of artificial grass, and the failure to do the same might make one vulnerable towards allergies and health problems.
    • Weeds and seeds can accumulate onto the Artificial Grass Phoenix and germinate upon the surface of synthetic grass, thus affecting the longevity of the grass besides interfering with the landscaping. Regular weeding would ensure that soil particles, grass blades and weeds are kept off the synthetic grass surface.
    Artificial Grass Scottsdale Offers You Many Benefits

    Artificial Grass Scottsdale

    Scottsdale, Arizona is known as one of the best destinations for Golf courses and resorts in the whole world. It’s also referred to many as the South Beach, Miami of the desert. There’s a lot going for Scottsdale, which is a bustling city where the tourism industry is thriving. There are many luxurious hotels and Golf courses in the area, which are a huge attraction to travellers. If you own one of these commercial premises here, you probably spend a lot of time, effort and money on maintaining your well kept grass lawn. However, Artificial Grass Scottsdale can help you save on all these three important elements that can make your business a more profitable one. Artificial Grass Scottsdale option has already been used to great effect by many commercial establishments in the city. They have been able to save costs on maintenance of the lawn and costs for water and fuel bills as well. And the look of their hotel surroundings or Golf course for that matter, have not be compromised on in any regard. If you get good quality synthetic grass laid around your property it will look as good as natural and will make a mark with your guests.

    Artificial Grass Scottsdale & Residential Areas

    Artificial Grass Scottsdale is also a good idea for residential properties in the area. You can add to the look of your outdoor spaces without having to go through the hassle of keeping a natural grass lawn. You can also do away with the negative impact natural grass can have on your health due to the allergies it can lead to. Needless to mention the fact that pesticides that need to be sprayed on the grass can be quite harmful as well. Thus not only do you keep your loved ones safe, you also end up making huge savings for yourself. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular amongst home owners and commercial establishments all over the world also because it’s an environmentally friendly option. As people begin to become more aware of the needs of our planet, the benefits of laying out synthetic grass are being widely recognised. When you choose Artificial Grass Scottsdale option, not only do you feel good about doing your bit for the planet you also get rewarded by the state government in the form of tax rebates, which can be quite substantial. Little wonder most people agree that artificial grass is greener and definitely the right way forward.

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